About A Boy

January 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Staring blank looking into a dull screen in my hands I only see you through words, So close yet so far away from one another. Yet to still come face to face but nothing is set in stone. Willing to go as far as the galaxy passed the milky way to see him even only if it was for a split second. As the days go by and nights with the blink of an eye my heart refuses to keep my mind from racing. Throughout my days he’s my knight and shinning.  

Bright green eyes that shatter through his pupils like thick window pane glass and thick long lashes that tell a story every time he blinks are what I notice every time. His rosey, red cheeks and bright white smile will be the endless death of me.His laid back sense of style appeals to all the ladies with his baggy shorts and snap backs but yet he doesn't notice them looking. He seems to have such insecurities, he could never imagine himself appealing to others. His hands are so strong they seem as if he could crush someone in arm wrestling. His endless giggles fill me with nothing but pure joy. His consistent positivity brings light into my hands and a smile on my face. I envy the sweetness out of his heart and the bliss he brings into my life. I am immensely thankful to have him by my side day by day night by night. I crave running my fingers through his silky curly locks so dense and yet so deep as the bottom of the ocean; endless crashing waves taking my breath away. He makes my heart come to a complete stop through the midnight air roaring through my body. He is like my own personal drug pumping through my veins I can't get enough of him. He's like hot sauce that's been sitting in my mouth for 21 days straight burning a hole through my tongue ; desperately seeking water even after I still can't get the taste out of my mind.
He's like falling through a rabbit hole further and further down I go I can’t seem to catch myself , I see myself drifting into an unknown land; his mind. A lost soul trying to search for him. Willing to do anything I can to save him from his own self destruction and hopeless thoughts. My mission is simple ; to prove I am worthy for the taking of his heart. Now this is no superhero, no one with the ability to fly. It’s simply Dom, but that’s the best part of it all. I don’t need a superhero; I don't need someone with the ability to fly; I just need him. He’s my best friend the greatest pal I have. He’s always there when I need him. Dom helps me stay positive and reminds me everyday how life can be. He’s been in my life ever since I can remember. We may had lost touch with one another throughout life but no matter what I always seem to cross his path again. 

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