World Going Buy

January 25, 2017
By , Dexter, MI


Then in the shadow came something bright
It was light.
The light was called day,
And the darkness, night.

From this light came a great sea
Where the land floated up silently
Plants and trees began to grow,
They would grow and grow,
until they were large enough to sow

Then rose the great lights
One to govern by day, and the other by night.
And all the beautiful stars,
Who in the sky had no par.

The fish swam and ruled the seas
And every living thing with which the water teems
Birds flew from the trees and claimed the sky
Mocking gravity as they flew high.

Then the livestock, according to their kind,
And all the creatures who crawled on the ground.
Who were all to the earth confined,
And they populated and roamed around.

Then came mankind,
Created in God’s likeness
To rule all living things, we were assigned
And Worshiped God in his righteousness.

It was very good.

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