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January 25, 2017
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        Would you ever join a gang? If yes what gang would you join and why ? The great reymundo sanchez has published a new book called Once A King Always A King. This is a good book to read if you're into gangs, fights, drugs and sex this would be the perfect book for you .
Why don’t you check it out??

     This book is about a kid who gets abused by his stepfather but they live in chicago and meets a girl but reymundo moves to Puerto Rico with his mom dad and his sister but after 5 months pass he moves back cause his mom couldn’t stand him complain when his step dad would hit him. He moved in with his step dad son but he pretty much lived in a dope house so he was around drugs and he joins a gang called Latin Kings.

     When he was 14 Reymundo committed his first crime and was also as Lil Loco. He was in and out of jail for doing crime with the latin king. Also selling drugs and doing drugs he would smoke weed and lace the blunts with cocaine… and continue to do that for another good 6 years.But he changed his life around he gets out of the gang known life and changed his whole life around. Know he writes story about his life experience and the crimes he committed while he was in the latin kings. So you think he goes back to being a gangbanger ? Would you ever go back to being a gangbangfer if yes why or why not ??
This is similar to people who try to get out of the gang life some people are lucky and some aren’t but he was and he was able to share with the whole world . So yea i recommend this book to you guys.

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