Dad Dad Dad

February 3, 2017

Not many people got a dad to love
No role model but I was blessed by the man above
Maybe one day I’ll have a son like you to love
I wanna see us happy not push and shove
Remember when I was 2 and we use to ride in your steel
You said you hoped god was real so you could be a part of me still 
You mentioned your mom wasn’t there neither so you knew how part of me feels
Sometimes I sit and think for a better plan
But this whole time you were raising me to be a man
You always helped me study for the test
I’m always causing you distress
I know neither of us are the best
Remember when I was little and I would sleep on your chest
I just wanna show you good so your heart could rest
You always cared, like a farmer with sheep, always gave me food to eat
I would be complaining like you weren’t the man who put them J’s on my feet
Seeing you cry the tears would speak it makes my heart sink
I hope this temptation could shrink
Maybe one day I’ll understand
And show you the I’m your biggest fan
And one day show you how you helped me become a man

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