February 5, 2017
By , Ledyard, CT

Sometimes I wanna laugh when I look at the dark sky
Then when the sun comes up I wanna cry
Trust me I don't even know why I try
But the smell in the air makes me fly
I wanna shout and say hi
But I face the truth and say bye
I never really had a dream
But when people talk about perfection and fairytales I beam
Then i realize i don't really have a team
all i wanna do is scream
The thought of love makes me happy
but when i see it in front of me it makes me snappy
My family is my key
with them i'm free
yet sometimes i wanna flea
Life makes everything feel so real
but i'm tired of this unending wheel
Unclear clues is all I find
but i don't mind
i rather stay blind
because truly facing the truth makes me wanna hide
Life hits you out of nowhere
i do not find that fair
i would love to take a dare
i tell myself to stop holding on
because no matter what one day i will be gone
I know i have an ugly tone
that's probably why i'm not known
but thats because im not grown
Once i'm ready i will be shown
I know i'm not alone
but yet i act like a stone
I will try to be better
Maybe even write a letter
There are days when my heart starts beating fast
When I think about the past
And i realize no matter how passed
It will never be the last
There is always gonna be a blast
I know i am made of clay
I will never stop being gray
But for now please stay
and we can together sway
becauses days like this when the sun is blasting heat
i think that life is always a sneaky cheat
but the world somehow is neat
i advise that you don't blink
if u do you will miss a drink
and i advise you always be on guard
because i promise that it will be hard
but somehow we are strong
you might think i'm wrong
but this is just me and my long song

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