The Other Me, an original Poem

March 13, 2009
Sometimes I thought my smile was a bit of a lie.
I may have not been happy; no one needed to know why.
Didn't want to upset people, so I decided not to cry.
So when I was melancholy, my smile was a bit of a lie.

One day I was alone when something startled me.
It made me think a bit differently.
I saw a bird fly away from its nest; it was free.
I realized right then' that there was another me.

It took over me and made me feel great.
I sat back and watched it change my fate.
I broke out of my shell, got out of the crate.
The Other Me has changed me before it was too late.

The Other Me didn't stay that long.
It came and went as it pleased; it could do no wrong.
When I was in need of it, I sang a happy song.
But then again, it didn't stay very long.

I knew that the Other Me wouldn't come one day.
But I felt that somehow I would be okay.
I was getting stronger so changes come if they may!
People were surprised when they heard me say:
The Other Me has gone, gone, gone away!

The Other Me has been long gone for awhile.
I figured out what I could not as a child.
The Other Me taught me to be wild.
When I was angry, it would help me be mild.

I'm not sorry it passed me by.
I am not bitter again because I know why.
My smiles are no longer a lies.
Happiness comes naturally; I don't need to try.
The Other Me has not left or died.

It is a part of me in and out.
I am the Other me and I have no doubt.

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wild wood said...
Apr. 15, 2009 at 8:52 am
your thought accentuate the insight of the poem. well written, keep going

one can not be happy forever but, can be happy sometimes, and this is the art of the nature. isn't it?
lovinglife said...
Mar. 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm
Miasha, Very well written and thoughtful. Don't quit writing....
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