Beauty in Stone

March 12, 2009
Like the lightening or candle's flame,
It's no one's right to stand and blame,
When the world's beauties cannot decide,
To venture out or just reside,
To steady wax or slowly wane,
To feel that peace or just disdain,
To burn with the furious fire,
or sit atop Serenity Spire,
To glow with bright,
Or snuff the light,
or shake with fright,
If you demand their decision,
And expect Godly precision,
But if you bind their will,
And chain them to the windowsill,
Stop and think about that sin,
Before we make that mistake again,
Before you condemn humanity to turn to crust and be alone,
Think of why the ancient beautys have turned to dust and stone.

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Kirstenn said...
Jun. 1, 2009 at 10:11 pm
You are an amazing poet. Great job!
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