Why Did you do it?

March 15, 2009
By Brittany Borman BRONZE, Irving, Texas
Brittany Borman BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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Why Did You Do it?
Why Can't You Admit that You Hurt Me.
You Made Me Cry
You Made Me Scared Of You
You Made Me Scared Of My Life
You Made Me scared For Going Out With Guys.
Scared To Protect Myself.
You Put Me in A Lot Of Pain.
I Cried When You Didn't Even Seem To Care
But Yet, I Guess You have Other Kids In Your Life
To Worry About Since I Ain't Even Part Of Your Worry.
I wish You Could See That No Matter What I Will Always Love You.
You Meant That World To Me And That We Had Amazing Times
Together But I Guess It Wasn't To You.
But Don't Worry About Me Anymore, I Won't be A Mistake To You
Anymore, Because I ain't Even Part Of The Family Anymore.
So Don't Worry Because I Am Just A Mistake That You Will
Never Have To Worry About Again.
I Hate To Say Good Bye But Its The Best.
So Good Bye.

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