the worst part of falling is picking yourself back up

March 14, 2009
By BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Bloody knuckles and broken hearts
Disappointment, I hate this part
Take good with bad, great debate
Tonight I die so save the date
Couldn't breathe with knees to chest
We fell to hell with all the rest
Now pain has passed, I understand
The grip has slipped from both these hands
I mutter stutter stumble pause
I'll wrap your fear and kiss the gauze
I'll say goodnight, but not goodbye
We may not breathe, but we won't die
With fear as beer, inebriate
Slightly silly, still I wait
I'll write away the lonely day
I won't give up; I'll find a way
My anger's gone, my knuckles heal
Love is all that's left to feel
In time this rhyme will dissipate
To leave a space to be replaced
With one expressing joy for us
For how we managed through the fuss
Until that time, I'm here my dear
So as I've said, have no fear

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