My Hidden Soul

March 14, 2009
By Alex Jensen BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
Alex Jensen BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
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In the approaching darkness
Of a receding twilight
I look inward
To a hidden soul:

A soul that longs
For compassion
And understanding
That so commonly evades it.

A soul that feels tormented,
A soul rarely accounted for,
A soul that merely seeks
Peace, in and of itself.

But my soul is whole with nature;
It needs no one else.
The waters, the skies, the fires, the earth,
Make up all that is myself.

The turbulent ocean waters,
The definition of my emotions,
Are entirely calm, serene,
Contained within my subconscious.

The blackened skies
That are my freedom
Race through my blood
To seek new light

The blazing fires
That are my passions
Can only be further ignited
By others and their views

The stillstood earth
That defines me upon myself
Shall never inch forward
Based on others, basking in their power.

My emotions are hidden
My freedom is caged
My passions are voiced
My opinions are known.

My soul is silent
And shall never speak out
Where it does not belong
For fear of exposure.

My soul cries out
Where it needs to
And shall never be silenced
For fear of oppression.

I look out once more
To the skies of the dark night.
The stars glisten like diamonds
And expose their beauty to the world.

The darkness swallows my body
And I cannot view my surroundings.
My soul longs to break free
And flourish in the nature.

But I contain it once more
Behind my iron expression
And choose not to voice
The existence of my hidden soul.

The author's comments:
Basically, I wrote this to express how I feel silenced by our society. As a teenager, no one really cares about our views, and, which may be the reason I really wrote this, my own mother hardly expresses any interest in my views. I just wanted to express that I was put here on this earth, a part of nature, just like everyone else, and deserve to have people listen to what I have to say. They don't necessarily have to agree with my views, but it would be nice to have someone express SOME interest. In the parts where I talked about nature, I was just pointing out that I have my own assets--emotions, which I usually keep hidden, freedom, which I value more than anything in the world, my own passions, which no person or group of people could convince me not to chase, and my unmoving views, which most people try to change, to no avail, and these, like certain parts of nature, are extremely important to me. I realize that I probably went too deep with that, but I just wanted to voice what I think about each person and what they contain under the skin.

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on Mar. 24 2009 at 1:01 pm
Dan Hewitson GOLD, Neptune City, New Jersey
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Your not alone in your feelings. Great Poem


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