100% soul

March 14, 2009
Dance afine art, something that takes guts, determenation, 50% talent, 50% heart, and 100% soul; i guess you can say it's a passion, but only a fantasy, i dream if you think; only the brave can do such a thing, a sport or rather; dance would be considered a sport wouldn't it i mean you do get trophys and it's a win or lose situtation, but it' so much more then that, dance is a part of the music that is the soul of the world when you dance you become part of the soul, you are one with music and dance; the two combined become a living soul of the world, music and dance are both two souls brought otgether maing half and half 100%, i guess you could say only dreamers can do this but you would be wrong, not only can dreamers do this but souls as well, dance has many souls and that is what makes the sould of the world, we dance and play music in this very worl we call home; but only true souls can ever be the true being of the soul, the soul that makes us move, the soul of all our hearts.

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Dominique S. said...
Mar. 27, 2009 at 1:24 am
This is so true.Keep up the good work
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