March 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Why am I even still here?
I'm going to die eventually
Why not now?
What have I to lose
Why even live
People only live to die
At the end of life that's what you get
The end
How great is that?
I'm still walking my rainy road
Nothing ever changes
I need something better
I always need better
What do I have ahead of me?
College, Love, Marrige, a family, a home and career
A few vacations?
Is this going to be my life?
I am given god-knows-how-much time to spend on this earth
And I'm going to spend it in a cycle
Well I'm already bored of this stupid cycle
Why am I here?
Why can't I just die?
Then what?
I die and then'.?
I'm just a waste of life anyways
I have no pashion
I have no talent
I have no true individuality
All I want is some answers
Really to much to ask?
All I want is to see something that makes my life worth living
To do something
To experience something
But to me
There is never enough
Never satisfied
Never good enough
Just diapointment
Our world is overrated
What can I do?
Most things I will see have already been seen with my eyes
Most things smelt
Most things felt
So whats the point of continueing on with my life?
I'm never going to be more than what I am
I already know my beginning
The middle is predicted
So lets just skip to the end
To the good part
So I can finish this stupid story and move on
When I'm dead

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