Stuck on a Road

March 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Here I walk on this rainy road
Where, o where do I go?
I just keep walking
My path doesn't change
The beat of my converse stays the same
The rain is cold on my skin
I am damp
And I am lost
How do people do it?
I am so so lost
The sun comes out and the rain stops
I dry
Still walking
I am smiling
Smiling for a long time
Until a raincloud comes back
And cries all over me
Sob sob
Still walking
Where am I going?!
I meet many faces along this road
Mega Hot
Pissed off
And many more
I only stay with each
For a certain amount of time
Eventually it ends
How long will I keep walking?
How long will I b under rain?
How long will I meet unwanted and wanted faces?
How long will my memories last?
How do I stop walking? I have
Been doing it so long that I forgot
How do I change direction?
No clue

I am on this road right now
Or maybe'''.

If caterpillars could be like puberty
Are they 'late bloomers'?
They go into their cocoons
When do they come out?
Is there a normal time for them to come out?
If I were an animal
I would be most like a caterpillar
Stuck in my cocoon
Trying to get out
So I can be the butterfly that I want to be and fly free!!!!!!!
That was cheesy
But oh so true
Still a caterpillar
Still a caterpillar
STILL caterpillar
In my Vancouver cocoon
If I could break open and flee away
I would fly to Texas
Where the rain won't weigh down my wings and kill me

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