Julius Caesar act 1

March 14, 2009
By Jourdan Stephens BRONZE, Jeffersonville, Indiana
Jourdan Stephens BRONZE, Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Shh! I hear Caesar!
When I obey him it is a pleaser
Please, hurry, tell Antony to come
Before he goes off on his lengthy run
Caesar, my lord, you rang, you called
Yes, I did, Antony for the most important reason of all
Touch my wife; hold her hand, for I want a strong boy following my stand
That's it lord? That I can do
Tell me anything sir and I can do it for you.

Brutus my friend you look so sad
Is it me? Why are you mad?
Don't worry Cassius. I am ok.
Don't let me bother or ruin your day.
Brutus, your face tells all
Can you see it or is the reflection too small?
No Cassius I can't see myself
Please tell me before my feelings melt.
Brutus, it's not just your face that's sad
Many men see it inside you, you sad little lad.
Cassius I do not feel that way
Who gives you the right to know what my feelings say.
Dear Brutus I'll tell you the truth
I don't pretend to be friends, I don't play aloof.
Do you hear all the noise and the rustling?
I'm afraid the people have chosen Caesar as king.
So that's what's bothering your head?
You don't want him king because you're scared you'll be dead!
I wouldn't choose him, Cassius, its true
But what do you expect me to do?
Speak up! Tell the people how you feel
Is Caesar being king even a done deal?
I hear more applause from the crowd
I think it's for Caesar, standing up there proud.
These poor people are choosing their fate
What makes them think Caesar is so great?
I have an idea what you want me to do
I'll think about it but for now I'm through.

The author's comments:
I had to write this as an english assignment. My teacher said it was so good and I should get it published. He actually thought I took it off the internet and he said he even googled it to check.

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