No Mask Here

March 14, 2009
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People are telling me the way I should be. They say that the rule is to be cool. But if it's me you want to ask I say take off the mask!
People try to steer clear. They're all a bit sneer, yet there's no mask here! So I say to you Boo! No mask here! They act real snide when I try to hide, but when I'm near they'll stop in fear of my naked face.
When they glare at my face bare, they might have a scare, but I don't care
When I look back, they'll talk smack. They'll be calling me a freak, but all I hear is a little squeak. They'll try and see if I cry, but all I spy is them getting high. So I ask, 'Will you take off that mask?' And put away that flask.

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