Forgive and Forget

March 14, 2009
By Sarahy Oramas BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Sarahy Oramas BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I can't seem to forget the last spoken words,
Said the night after you slept in her bed,
You left me waiting by the phone, lovebird,
Thinking that I was really heels over head.

Never could you have risen me far up to,
You threw this away before thinking twice
If she really was worth this "me and you",
Now you find yourself running for advice.

All your friends, but not one will really know,
This breakdown was truly about "you and her",
How all you simply had to say was no,
Then maybe this wouldn't had to occur.

I remember when I said I forgived you,
Never that I forgot about me and you.

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