Grass and the Tree

March 14, 2009
By hermione1fan SILVER, Tumwater, Washington
hermione1fan SILVER, Tumwater, Washington
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The tree hovered over the grass;
limb to limb, a protecting shadow.
so it won't dry.
so it won't burn.

The grass covered the base of the tree;
strong trunk held by the green, soft pallet.
keeping it warm.
keeping it loved.

love, love let the limbs lie
when, when will the blades dry?
tree, tree, you wanted to move
Grass, grass, you have everything to lose.

One small summer day,
a ripe red leaf did blow away
and part of you was gone.
I grew so high to reach the height
of your love,
but you had flown.

Grass, grass, I overgrew
just to make it up to you,
so tree, tree with your leaves,
go blow away and leave me be
I grow alone, I grow alone,
your love is gone,
your leaves are blown.

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