Missin U Bro

March 14, 2009
By sassychick08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
sassychick08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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It's been little over a month
since you sadly passed away
you are gone but your
spirit is here to stay
Last night i was walking
briskly down the street
when a guy pulled up
tryna greet n' meet
he asked for my name
and asked for my age
i quickly turned around
as soon as i saw his face
i responded to his questions
and told him i was interested
but he steady pursued
because he was interested
it was weird for a minute
cause he had yo skin tone
he even had your laugh
when me and you talk on the phone
i had to do a doubletake
and let my mind marinate
that fact that you're gone
and won't be calling me later on
when i got home
i saw your picture on my wall
and thats when my tears
had slowly began to fall
i remembered when we first met
and you talked like you knew me
us being as tight as we were
was something I couldn't have seen
Now when i think of you
my heart fills with sorrow
cause there's no more looking forward
to those visits of tomorrow
there are no more jokes
of you calling me procrasinator
i can no longer tell you
to save them for later
now all i can do
is remember our laughs
and wish so badly
to be back in the past
but now i've realized
i can't mourn forever
God grabbed you by the hand
and now ya'll are together
so as each day goes by
and i think we're far apart
i'll look down and know that
you're right there in my heart.

R.I.P. Anthony
Missin you bro'

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem a month after Anthony died. This poem really expresses how I feel to this day. It's still hard.

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on Mar. 25 2009 at 12:37 am
emily alberty BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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