R.I.P Ant

March 14, 2009
By sassychick08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
sassychick08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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If this is fate
then i never want to meet it
when it knocks, i won't answer
cause it's not gettin greeted

at least not by me

Dang mann
i can't believe you're gone
i was just talkin to you
the other night on the phone
it was december 1st
as a matter of fact
and i remember
cause you called me right back
when i got the news
i immediately cried
cause i knew yo cuz'
and he'd never lie
Death seems to be everywhere
in the water and in the air
family, loved ones, and friends droppin
and it's not even caused by the guns poppin
it seems like everytime i take a breath
somebody's droppin at my every step
so i guess i should put on a gas mask
and see how many lives will last

i'm not ashamed to admit
that i did cry, am still crying and will continue to cry

Heck i's cry the Niagra Falls
if it brought you back

but it won't and it can't
Dang, I'ma miss you "Ant"

If our bodies are mostly water
then i'm about to die
because i've sobbed it all out

I remember all the times
we laughed on the phone
and this past summer
when we hung in chill mode
i remember when you were down
and i was there to help you through
and when you said you appreciated me
for always being there and staying true

now i'm upset, regretting things
cause i never got a chance to say
how much I appreciated you too
for being there for me all the way
i hope your passing away
helps everyone find love
cause love seems overdue
everywhere except from up above
Although you're gone
and have passed away
in our and souls
you will forever stay

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about the same friend I wrote my other piece titled "May Never" about. His name was Anthony and he died in a car accident. I wrote this the day he died.

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