When You're Gone

March 14, 2009
By , Indianapolis, IN
you don't know what you got
until it's gone
you don't do what's right until
you've done wrong
when i think of you leaving
i get this deep pain
cause i know that when you leave
it won't be the same
i took you for granted
while you were my friend
now it'll be a while
before i see you again
in case you didn't know
i did have feelings for you
so now you don't have to think
that it was never true
i didn't know how to say it
cause i didn't wanna get played
as time progressed on i realized
my feelings really never did fade
where is the good
in goodbye
there isn'y any
so tell me why
why do you have to go
oh so far away
i'd be happy if you
would just stay
but no matter what happens
you will always be my friend
i'll always be there for you
until the very end
so if you ever think of me
and wonder am i for real
you don't have to think twice
cause now you know how i feel

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