March 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Dreaming night and wakeful day,
Pass me by without a thought,
And when enough becomes enough,
I leave, my pain and joy for nought.

Each day that binds me to a world,
so bitterly blistering bright,
That all I can do is wonder on,
Into the oasis of the night.

Slumbering, lumbering, slippery, and soft,
I glide through wakeless dreams,
Where I am all, creator, destroyer
I sculpt their laughter into screams,

And for myself, I build two wings,
To play amoung the silken stars,
To rule o'er lepers, and rule o'er kings,
And make this kindgom ours.

Though elusive ludic night may be,
I'll find when all is said and done,
More than faded fleeting memories,
I too can control the sun.

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