Dear Little Girl

March 13, 2009
Why not little girl; why can't your momma be a squirrel?
Why not little one; why can't you look into the sun?
Will your eyes burn or skin squirm?

Why can't you do what he did? Why must you be a normal kid?
Don't want to follow; personality seems so hollow.
Why not?

Why dream little girl? Why dream?
Why think for yourself little girl?
Why eat what they say, and throw your life away?
Why not little girl? Why not?

Little girl don't follow your heart,
Little girl just scorn at the art.
Conform and follow the rules.
Go along with all the fools.
Find a path and make it your own.

Run away little girl, run away.
Don't be overtaken with dismay.
Hide little girl, hide.
The plague has spread worldwide.
Escape little girl.

Sing little girl sing.
This is the real thing.
Laugh little girl, laugh.
Someone's happy on your behalf.
Enjoy little girl.

Why can't you be happy or cry if you'd like?
Why if you want to ride your bike.
Why can't you get mad, or throw up your hands?
Just don't give in the worlds demands.
Why can't you?

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