Sie Mich Nicht An Namen - Do Not Call Me Names

March 13, 2009
By OpEnUrEyEs SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
OpEnUrEyEs SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
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We come from different races,
Each with different faces
All of us unique in our own little way

Somehow we all find the time,
To go passed the real crimes,
And use careless words instead

Sticks and stones will indeed break your bones,
But they just need time to mend

Words are exceedingly different
They crush the heart into a million pieces,
Leaving their marks as they distend

So why do we do this, you ask?
It could be because we cannot grasp,
Our own fear of hurting that we secretly bottle up inside

With that we choose,
To hurt others like fools,
Only to laugh and walk away feeling dignified

Today is the day,
To start making a change,
In the way we treat others

As a whole we can work together,
To bring back the glorified dream,
That was once told by Martin Luther King

There is only so much time
All these selfish faults are hurting each person inside,
With each minute that passes by

Think about what you could do
Maybe instead of saying something cruel,
You can give a compliment to someone new

By leaving out spiteful names,
We can learn to relive again,
In peace and harmony together

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