March 13, 2009
By Samantha Dos Santos BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
Samantha Dos Santos BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
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Swimming high in the sky
Flying low in the sea
Standing on ground yet nothing above me
Sailing across clouds so white
Flying closer and closer to light
Gasping for air
Yet still with no care
Not knowing failure but only success
Tossing and turning but still no distress
Moving so freely, there must be no end
Is this serenity real or is it pretend
Passing everyone to my left and my right
But ahead my future is still out of sight
Too far for predictions, too close not to think
Will this ride be over by the next time i blink
No time to sit back and watch life pass by
Life's not an exhibit to experience by eye
It's not something to touch, admire, or plan
It's out of control even to man
Don't hold onto issues out of your control
Lift weight off the shoulders to your fatigue soul
Reach for every goal you wish to achieve
Endless possibilites once you believe
If you're told you cant, its simply a lie
Boundaries by others you're meant to defy
So swim swiftly through every breeze in your wings
Fly smoothly through every tide that life brings

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem at 1:30 am one morning when I couldn't fall asleep. Originally I starting rhyming it in my head, and eventually sent it in a facebook message to my best friend.

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