To Be Continued

March 13, 2009
By Desiree Stokem BRONZE, Haskell, New Jersey
Desiree Stokem BRONZE, Haskell, New Jersey
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I probably shouldn't be here, you probably don't know,
I don't exactly show it, I tried to hide when I was low.

Not too long ago, I probably wouldn't be here,
Nothing would be the same, but I wouldn't shed a tear.

It's been a long, long road,
And it's been hard to deal,
But I've learned to stand strong,
Even when everything around me was wrong.

Out of everything I've been through, out of all that I've learned,
I know what is true, now there's no need to be concerned.

I found out what it means to live, I believe in what you say,
I know what I need to give to live this life everyday.

I've been through a lot, and I know there's more ahead,
But I'll give it a shot, because I'd rather not be dead.

No one will understand, no one has to know,
I won't let it get out of hand, because this is how I will grow.

This world is full of lies, but I can see through them now,
They're just like butterflies, even you don't see how.

How could you do this, why make it so hard?
There's so much I miss, but now I'm scarred.

I will never be the same again, but here's another thing I know,
There's no need to pretend, just go with the flow.

Everything happens for a reason my friend, I believe that this is real,
It will be this way until the end, around and around just like a wheel.

I've made many mistakes before, but I've found a better path,
There's always another door, you'll see, or maybe you'll just laugh.

You can let something occur, or you can be the change,
As long as you are sure, why not take a shot at long range.


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