March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

whats is it with DECMEBERS anyway/ why when i listen to its words i feel so much heartbreak, and even durring that one motnh in my mind all that plays is the song. DECEMBERS? not undeerstanding but then always last so long. Is it because of the memories i thought would be? is because of all that i started to feel for him when this month came along? or is it because that one night i stopped pushing away from my heart and he sang to it with part of that song? what is it with DECEMBERS anyway? why cant i listen to this song? what is it with DECEMBERS anyway why is this month always so seemingly long.

The author's comments:
therer si a song called decembers by a band named hawthorne heights and i have a connetion to it because of its words and the boy again alotta things happend durring that month and for me its unforgettable.

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