A Broken Heart

March 13, 2009
By Hillary Shepheard BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
Hillary Shepheard BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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I stare into the eyes of the unknown,
yet I can't help but feel far from alone.
I push this all away,
just to wish for you to stay.

Complications define this new choice,
yet stronger is that voice
speaking for my uncontrollable heart
and piecing itself together part by part.

But you've done it again,
committed this selfish sin.
As my tears run their path,
I suffer my shattered hearts wrath.

In misery I lay,
for your mistakes I must now pay.

In time though, this broken heart will mend, but you never again shall I defend.
In time, my tears will be of joy, not for a pathetic heartless boy.
In time, I will be strong, and to myself alone will my heart belong.

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