Bed of Dreams

March 13, 2009
By Lauren Stang BRONZE, Fountain, Minnesota
Lauren Stang BRONZE, Fountain, Minnesota
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The warm blanket of sleep
Pulled up over my head
Sufficate myself
Escape the reality of my world
The nightmare of my reality
Escape into darkness
Into emptiness
Into numb oblivion

The snuggling sheet of sorrow
Left behind when my eyes close
Left at the door when my heart beat slows
As my mind turns off
Escaping into sleep
The dreams of the future, impossible
Escaping into a new world
Into all that I wish I could be

The pillow of emotions, forgotten
Abandoned on the floor
Replaced by something more peaceful
By something more bearable
Escaping into the world of my devising
The world of my creation
Escaping into my world of love and laughter
Away from all the pain you caused

The stuffed animals of salvation
The last step to my recreation
A final step to my sanity
To my sleeping rebirth
Escaping all I thought I knew
Away from all the love I had of you
Escaping all the tears from the day
Sleeping now, it's so much better this way

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