Head Spins

March 13, 2009
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Head Spins

Her head spins as the colors swirl; a simple collage of mismatched patches. She fakes her desire to jump and land upon a sunflower meadow. The fears of loss and helplessness become intolerable and she makes her decision much too

The sky cascades as the ground flies up to meet her fall. Her hope of disappearing crushes as her eyes open. The beauty within is nearly impossible to find. He tries to remind her of her hidden potential, but she refuses to accept his admiration.

She is lonely, but nobody knows her secrets. She carries them on her back like a heavy burden. Quietly, she is madly in love with the boy who stole her heart, but is too afraid to show herself.

His heart becomes heavy, as he is forced to carry along the love he possesses for her. His persistence will prevail, but he fears it will take too long. She will open her heart to him. She will look at him with the same passion that he possesses for her, when she gains the courage to be

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