You,Him, and Me

March 13, 2009
By Emily Garcia BRONZE, New York, New York
Emily Garcia BRONZE, New York, New York
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I see you & my world spins;
It goes from the real world
to paradise . When were next
to eachother I put on a front-
but inside,everything you say
from sweet candy to spicy doritos
matters. The front never gets old,
you haven't figured put the truth.
The weird thing is, I'll never want
to be in a reationship with you.
Why? Becuase I know your games
and I refuse to be a helpless player,
because when the game is over
I'll end up loosing & you'll just have
the satisfaction of someone who
couldn't play the game well.
Because if you didn't know
behind my feelings are tears;
tears you'll never see me shed.
If they were ever to race down
my cheeks, the taste of salt would
static my tongue.
And as for the heartache I
might one day suffer; just know
it's not, nor would it ever be
from you or your little
mischevious games.
The bomb in my heart
would be caused by someone
worth having feelings for.
My co-star, the person who's
apart of my show & who's
their when I need him.
The one who stole my heart, took
the key but never unlocked it.
The guy i'll cry out for, the guy
whose favorite song plays in my heart.
My sorrow would be from missing his kisses,
not having his warmth, and just sitting
by the phone waiting for him to call; and
put the bandaid on the scab of my heart.
Everything in sight will
remind me of him, but never
of you. So, when you play
this little game, just remember
I know the rules and am cautious
of the danger you may bring in a bag.
I'm not the girl who will keep on
running back to you, when you do me
wrong. I'm aware of the other side
of the road. The gamble of emotions,
and the tearing of hearts. So when my
life gets struck with a pond of frowns,
I'll be sleeping in pain.
Mad at the guy who makes me happy
& I'll try to win the war neither of us
are capable of winning. Then, the moment
we look into eachother's eyes, the
madness floats away like the
ghost it once was. We'll work it out
and the feelings I once had for you,
will be nothing compared to what I feel
fo him. He's the guy you aren't
but someday might be.
I always wonder who this guy is;
I daze into the moon's glow and can
almost see his face but not quite.
Then I realize, one day I'll find him.
Whether he's my prince charming or not,
he's something you aren't & that's
always better than nothing.
-emiLy x3

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