Crystal clear

March 13, 2009
By Stacey olea BRONZE, NY, New York
Stacey olea BRONZE, NY, New York
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In this dark room I cry escaping from disaster,

I want to let these feelings go, but when I try to speak nothing comes out,

It's like being trapped inside a crystal clear box with the feeling of my tongue being ripped out and not being able to speak,

I walk alone in this darkness trying to break out of this crystal clear box,

But the pain of my fist hitting on the crystal clear box and the pain grows,

My heart darkness and the crystal clear box turns black,

I bang on the darkened box hoping some one will hear me and get me out,

But yet again I'm alone in this darkened box which is big as the planet earth,

My darkened heart starts screaming and begging for help,

but the silince kept on growing,

Not a single word came out,

Crying and pleading for the black box to stop shrinking,

my head bows from helplesness and my dark,brown hair covers my shoulders like a

blanket trying to keep me alive from this cold silence,

But the memories of my lonelyness come back to me telling me that I'll be alone for the rest of eternity,

But all of this happened because of you,

You murdered my dreams and my hopes,

You killed every single part of me that is known to man kind,

But the feeling of Vengence grows within me,

Telling me to take action,

But I hold back,

Telling me to not think about this and to just let it go,

but the silence just stay's and doesn't say a word,

Until I hear those words,

Those heart warming words of I'm sorry,

Then my heart will be purified and my soul will be free,

and This black box would stop shrinking and turn into the crystal clear box that it used to be,

And the box will break in to thousands of little pices and I would just walk away with my head up high,

Walking into the Ray of Light.

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