March 13, 2009

You say that you love me, you say that you care.
But do you really love me, do you really care ?
Do you care about me care about my feelings?
Care about what I like or what I hate ?
You say what do you want ? i stutter for a minute not knowing what to say and then it hit me and i say ...
I want me to love me, I want you you to care.
I want you to share, share what you feel share what you know.
But wait a minute... Do you love me or do you love her ?
You bring me hope you bring me joy but when you say its over I cant stand no more.
I cry for days my feelings are not the same, and when you come again I say Oh yay!
But then the same feeling comes rushing thru me again. And the I fall again again and again.
And then theres that voice inside my head Its saying "I told you so, I told you so why why why?"
So the end of the story is if you fall hard the first time your going to fall harder again.
But remember Oh please reember what ever doesn't kill you makes you stonger.
So thanks Robert! (:

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