March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

How much time does it takes?
To cut a tree just a few poking,
In a matter a few minutes will do'..
But how much time it had taken''..
To rise up so high,
Touching the blues skies.
It was brought up by the
Mother earth, just like a child.
First the tree was sown: and later,
The tree started rising, rising and rising.
Now it has become so high all over.
It has got spreading leaves
Giving shelter to so many birds.
Giving shade to its mother.
What a lovely life they all live,
All peace and no hurry and worry.
But after cutting it would be like a hopeless
Child the warming tree would not be there...
Only green twigs which will die soon.
It may or may not expand again,
The lonely tree will be left dead,
In the scorching sun, freezing winter and harsh rain
And one day it will not be there,
We the selfish people will make everyone die,
We spoil the nature just for us us''''''''.

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