An Odyssey of the Mind

March 13, 2009
By Rex Jones BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
Rex Jones BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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The air is salty and the ocean swells
My ears are ringing like sanctuary bells
White Trees

Twilight stains the sea with a golden tinge
Music is calling from the Lunatic Fringe
White Trees

The currents paint the image of Venus Dreaming
The ringing in my ears becomes like devils screaming
White Trees


And as the heavens align at Equinox,
the Shadows pour out of Pandora's Box.
The Sun's face is hidden in solar eclipse,
and tainted light reddens the sea's white-laced lips.
The water churns and boils and begins to take form,
and beneath the red moon erupts a scarlet maelstrom.
In the dark sky behind me opens a golden gate,
from it beams shine into the vortex, illuminating a shape.
A feminine figure rises from the center as Poseidon continues to rage,
the dazzling beams become a spotlight, the storm becomes a stage.
She rises from the water, walking on beams of light.
She ascends from chaotic seas, into the red-streaked night.
I cannot feel my body, enthralled by this lucid dream.
She had been born of storms, but her aura was tranquil and serene.
As stormy sea and sky calm, her exodus from chaos is complete.
Standing in the sky, illusions from two separate dreams meet.

Venus Anadyomene

She was beyond compare
Her eyes were greener than seas of emerald,
they glimmered like setting sun across water.
Her face' it was the very avatar of grace and beauty.
Helen and Aphrodite would gaze upon her visage in contempt and envy.
If one face could launch a thousand ships,
Hers could rally all mortal men to march against the Pantheon of Olympus.
Her hair cascaded behind her like a silk curtain,
and as it flowed, swirled, and danced, it seemed to join the wind.
It was like poetry in motion.
She was clothed in the soft shades of the sea.
Her silken wrappings enveloped her like waves dancing across her body.
They could not do it justice.
Her figure was perfection:
Her body a work of art, no- a masterpiece.
No sculptor could create it, for not even the Hands of Divinity could craft such a form.
No painter, no one picture could capture it, for every movement radiated beauty in itself.
No poet could praise her, there exist no words that are eloquent enough to describe.
I longed to hold her in my arms, for her to lay her head over my heart,
and in that moment my heart felt the breaks of ninety-nine lifetimes of unrequited love,
For I knew I was not worthy to embrace her.
And then she spoke to me.


Her Words escaped me.
I did not, could never understand
The words that flowed forth were like music,
sung in the divine tones of the choirs of Heaven.
They ebbed and flowed through the air,
and there they hung, golden, before they fell into my mind like drops of rain.
And there they danced, exciting every one of my senses.
They grasped my very consciousness
My mind was livid, my heart aflame
Though I could not comprehend their meaning, some part of me-
deep within the back of mind, a part of which we humans are unaware,
this part of me knew their meaning, for it was the same as Her.
And this meaning filled me, from the tips of my fingers,
To the depths of my soul.
I heard Truth.


My eyes became golden, they were ablaze with realization.

Yet my eyes no longer mattered to me, for I no longer saw only straight ahead:
I had been granted Panorama.
I saw north, east, south, and west, and everything in between.
I had no single point of view, and I saw myself outside my body.
I could look into the cosmos.
I could peer into each one of the infinite number of little points of light,
And each of these microscopic points contained a universe.
By seeing this omniverse, I gained a true sense of self.
I am small, I am smaller than small.
Myself and everyone else, we are but sub-atomic particles in the structure of all that is.
I experienced this Nirvana in the space of a single second,
And in that single second, I saw every single second in the past, present, and future.


I returned to myself, numbed by my vision.
Under the weight of revelation, my mind is put into submission.
The ringing is in my ears again, stabbing them with jarring pangs.
All of the world around me around begins to change.
Everything I can see becomes irregular swirling shapes
The bars of the gates behind me writhe like gilded snakes.
All before my eyes shimmered like heat distortion,
The universe fell around me, stripped of logic and proportion.
Reality became like a sea that was violent and churning,
I could see misty veils around me, and they were slowly burning.
And through the smoke and fire, there was one thing I could see:
Slowly growing clearer, the outlines of white trees.
And at last when all the veils had fallen from my eyes,
I saw no more illusions of perfect seas and skies.

I saw the White Trees.
They were towering over me, all around
I was surrounded by a forest of these Titans.
They stood still and silent, like ancient white sentinels,
standing ever vigilant, these obelisks of a bleak reality.
They stood so tall as to challenge the sky.
The hellish ringing had vanished from my ears.
It was replaced by utter silence.
This place was so silent that it was suffocating.
The open air between the Trees lacked the smells and sounds of a forest.
Instead it felt like a mausoleum-
The smells of stone, the silence of the dead.
I felt nothing but longing.
I longed to hear something, to see any sign of life.
My wish was granted.
At first it was a sound, a rumbling far off in the gray distance.
But it was constant, and it grew louder.
I realized it was not getting louder, but closer.
The sound was coming from behind me, and was approaching fast.
I froze for an instant as it was right next to me, and watched as it continued on ahead.
It was like no beast I had seen.
Its hide was metal, and its movement was strange.
It seemed to slide over the ground, moving in a straight line.
Red eyes in its back left a streak of light as it passed.
Fear overcame me.
I looked up past the White Trees to the sky.
There was a great metal bird gliding overhead, casting its shadow over me.

Terra Nova

Then I heard a sound, ripping at the tissues of my brain
The ringing returned to my ears again.
It mixed with murmuring voices and horns blaring
I fell to the stone floor, surrounded by shadows staring.
The shattering shades encircled me, a crowd gathered round
I was clawing at the pain in my ears while sprawled on the ground.
Their figures were undefined, their faces were obscure
As the shadows overtook me, everything became a blur.
But my vision came into focus, and I saw the Trees were built of glass and rock
Reality is restored, and I find myself on a city block.
The office buildings were like trees the way they clawed at the sky
A crowd of city-dwellers stand around me, planes pass overhead and cars go by.
I leave the embrace of madness, back to what is cold and real,
No more warm seas before me, only concrete and steel.
I am laying on a sidewalk, amidst a busy throng,
My brief respite is over, I am back where I belong.
Back to the world of men, of workers and routines.
Back to my own gray life, ruled by soulless machines.
Back to the realm of mortals, all yearning for something more,
In desperation they plant bright flowers that hide the killing floor.
So many souls in cycles, living just to repeat,
Never to gaze beyond the veils, to taste a nectar so sweet.
Many are the deceivers, who pervert the philosophies of lore,
With blinded hearts of zeal, soldiers invade foreign shores.
By creating money and machines, we have enslaved ourselves,
We become the tools of corporation, buying whatever the media sells.
Like a cancer we are growing, stripping the bones of the Earth,
Destroying our only home, burning our children's futures in our hearths.
By concepts of progress we are blinded, our advancement is a double-edged sword.
The price of the power to create has become more than we can afford.
We have become a great blinded beast, devouring oil, animal, and tree.
Reason is a tiny Oasis, Ignorance is a raging sea.
We're all dancing with grenades while we choke on rosary beads-
It's time to break our chains, to go out and plant new seeds.
Time to look to ourselves for answers, for the future is in our hands.
We must alter the course of history, or be buried under Time's Sands.
The world needs not Ignorance, no lies or corruption.
It needs not these pointless wars, these wasted lives, this self destruction.
Though hope may seem to be rendered useless, and the future may appear gray,
A New Utopia can be built, and we can start today.

The author's comments:
It's really long, but I consider it to be one poem with seven parts. As of now it's still in rough draft form. I'd like to do more work with the ending.
P.S. I'd love to wax philosophical with whoever's up to it! :D

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