Dear the faces of slavery

March 12, 2009
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Dear faces of slavery.

Dear kids of the future,
Dear holders of fear,
Dear candle of hope,
Dear faces of slavery.
To the little girls and boys in India weaving rugs for long, long days.
Dear girls giving up so much to get a few bucks, you don't want to have those nasty things done to you.
Dear little brick maker there will come a day you won't have to lift a single brick again.
Dear baby boy stolen from his home, child soldier with a gun bigger than himself.
Dear faces of slavery, we will get you out of there, we will rise above and pull you from the poverty and pull you from the rubble, we will love you more than anything you've ever felt before.
Dear children, no more hours working without pay, no more sleeping without a bed, no more going a day without food and water, without hope and without love.
Dear faces of slavery to every girl and boy there will come a day you won't have to suffer any more, all of this pain will end, and may one day come you will fall into our arms.
Dear faces of slavery.

-We're coming

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