what does love mean to you

March 12, 2009
By JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Does love Really mean anything to you? Or is it jus a four letter word that's overused by your mouth? Why is it that when you like someone, & you jus started dating, you already think your in love with them? But the thing is, every guy you date you think your in love. Maybe you know that your not in love. But you tell them you are anyway? Why is that? Do you think your relationship will feel more special & romantic if you mention love? Do you think you'll stay together longer if you say you love them? Well in my opinion. I think that's stupid. If you keep telling every person your wit that you love them, how are you supposed to know when you have true love. That you actually found someone that you can't live without. That person who takes your breath away jus by thinking of them. That makes your heart stop when you get a glance of them.How are you ever gonna find that when you convince yourself that you love everyone you with? Wouldn't it feel so much better jus to say I love you to one person. When you really do mean it?

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