March 12, 2009
By JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
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there was that passion we once shared
and the love you had given me
there was that time i was scared
but you showed how much u cared
and i thought we were meant to be
but then my heart is what you spared

it was so out of the blue
it was so unexpected
never did you see the pain i went through
never did you see how much i was affected
the feelings and the pain grew
but your decision is wat needs to be respected

cant keep reminiscing on the past
the times we had
man they were such a blast
but that tear you saw go down my face
will definitely be the last
its time where i have to stand tall
and move on
and soon one day the feelings i have for you
will be gone

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