School Daze

March 12, 2009
By Jerika Fabens BRONZE, Mill Creek, Washington
Jerika Fabens BRONZE, Mill Creek, Washington
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Everyday people walk down these halls
Hundreds of different faces and stories
Rumors flow through here like ghosts from the past
Telling the tales you might not want to know

There's the quiet guy who walks by alone
It's the sixth time I've passed him today
Then the girl all dressed up hiding her face
I see the tears and I quicken my pace

Another girl laughs a little too loud
To erase any traces of sadness
And a jock that always smiles too brightly
I watch as all these faces pass by me

There are love triangles, fights, and daydreams galore
They all go on as the hands on the clock spin
Year after year though the students may change
We all walk around in a state of school daze

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