The Crusher

March 12, 2009
By Tabitha Conley BRONZE, Vbufbvufbd, Kentucky
Tabitha Conley BRONZE, Vbufbvufbd, Kentucky
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When I first layed eyes on you,
I knew it was true.
You and me were made for each other,
If you only knew.

I bent down to tie my shoe,
Wondering if you thought so too.
It was love at first sight.
I just hoped I was right.

Three years have passed by,
I was not right.
I was in love on first sight,
But to you, I was only a sigh.

You have crushed me and ruined my life,
sometimes I feel like stabbing myself with a long black knife.
The hole you made in me is big and black,
I know you don't care jack.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
Wondering if you are having a good time.
My days drag by, as the clock will chime,
You are probably flying your kite.

My friends tell me to forget about you,
But I can't.
You are sawtered in my life, you needn't a clue,
Friends worry about me, but they shan't.

You constantly tell me you hate me,
I wish you could see,
There should be no love to you,
But half my heart hasn't taken the clue.

Justin I love you dearly,
It is shown very clearly.
If you are reading this poem now and you hear a bell,
It probably means I am in Hell.

The author's comments:
My first love broke my heart

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