Never Ending Thoughts

March 12, 2009
How do you mend something that cannot be fixed
How do you something that cannot be undone
How do you take back something that's already been said
How do you see something that's invisible
How do you find something that doesn't exist

These things run through my head
Running circles round and round
How can you love someone not worth loving
How do you forgive the unforgivable

Laying here in my bed
This bed of pain and sorrow
Again these thoughts find their way inside
Why won't they just stop
Why won't they just go
GOD, why won't they just leave me alone

Please just make it stop
Make it all go away
I lay here begging and pleading for this pain to end
Now I find myself remembering all the good times
And all the good memories
But as soon as these thoughts appear
They leave me with nothing but emptiness
Now I find a never ending black abyss
Where my heart used to be

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