Living in Fantasy

March 12, 2009
By JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
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Always dreaming up these crazy stories
Not all about fame and glory
A different life
Some sort of strife
A new you
And a new story too
Living in Fantasy

Sometimes you're a hero
Other times you're a zero
Could be an innocent child
Or someone completely wild
Doesn't matter who you are
As long as reality is far
Living in fantasy

It could be a nightmare
Leaving you gasping for air
Full of suffering and pain
Just like life's chains
Holding you back
Waiting for you to crack
Living in Fantasy

How about a romance story full of love
Complete with white satin wedding gloves
A dream guy
That answers why
Living a dream
Is better then being on reality's team
Living in fantasy

Maybe a story full of jokes
With lots of laughs, and funny folks
Making you smile
When everything's vile
Leaving you with joy
Like a child receiving a new toy
Living in fantasy

These stories make you relax
And appreciate life's little facts
Could be happy, maybe sad
All in all making you glad
Since these stories keep you sane
Through the good and the pain
Living in fantasy

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