Forget & Forgive

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I cant believe its come to this.

I never knew ignorance could be this bliss.

I tried to ignore the inevidatable,

But it just left me feeling indescribable.

I knew I'd get hurt but was still suprised

Like on a rollercoaster, I closed my eyes.

Hopin' it would be better the 2nd time,

But by the 3rd ride I was losing my mind.

Our feelings were just another phase.

With every single gaze,

You left me in a daze,

Like a silly little craze.

But I snapped out of it quick,

When you tried to give me the shorter end of the stick.

I thought they were even, that our feelings were the same,

But in the end it just made me regret knowing your name.

You messed up when you let me down.

And there's no way to turn it around.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice and pray that I forgive you.

'Cause forgetting is a breeze.

As simple as remembering to cross my T's

But forgive you? I don't know if I can.

You have to be a victim to understand.

And your apology was weak.

I hear actions before people speak.

And yours are speakin' louder than your words are.

And that's what makes forgiving you feel so far.

And now you lost a good friendship,

All 'cause you were inconsiderate.

My heart is not a toy,

And it won't get played with by the next boy.

And this isn't meant for you to feel guilty.

And I'm not askin' for anyone else's pity.

I just needed to clear my mind,

Leave these crazy thoughts behind.

But I still can't shake all this feeling.

Maybe its because my heart's still healing.

And dont think that I hate you.

I just hate what you put me through.

Hate, like love is a life-term emotion.

And my heart isn't ready for that type of devotion.

Yea I'm damaged and you could've been the one before.

My heart's bruised, but never broken. Im just a little sore.

Now my heart of steel is rusted.

Vulnerable 'cause I trusted what couldn't be trusted.

And this isn't all I wanna say, only parsh.

So don't think I'm being too harsh.

'Cause my rhymes are only deadly when I mean it.

And if it's meant for you, watch out, 'cause you're gonna feel it.

Oh, and after you've read what I've written,

I hope you ask yourself if you should be forgiven.

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Anonymous said...
on Mar. 25 2009 at 10:39 pm
I really like your poem. It's very good.

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