March 12, 2009
By LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
LittleFox SILVER, Hasa, Other
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Crush-a sound near to my heart
Crush-a word that stings like a dart
Crush-yes, it may not be nice
Crush-but for me it's cool like ice
Crush-my heart beats really fast
Crush-the sound echoes in the vast
Crush-the sun burns up in light
Crush-the sound kills creepy might
Crush-a moment from yesterday, past
Crush-one from future, last
Crush-not a may it's a must
Crush-civilizations to dust
Crush-destruction in a moment of haste
Crush-leftovers, ashes and waste
Crush-now that nothing is left
Crush-the world in the second of theft
Crush-nothing left but crack
Crack-sounds nice, just by smack

More and more sounds, I like, I love
The sound of the shattered, last feather, of peace, of dove


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