She Whispers

March 12, 2009
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She hears the whispers as she walks down the hall
She feels the stares of a million cruel eyes; she can see it on their faces,
They believe all the lies.
She evades the narrow hallway
Where her old friends laugh and smile
All the while,
Her tears are hidden behind a smile she barely fakes
Her clothes hang loosely from her pale withering frame,
Every night she prays for the strength to stand before them and say
That her fate was forced upon her;
They could never know this pain.
But now her voice is a whisper
And as she looks up to the tars,
She fights the flooding memory
And tries to drink away the scars,
But that day fights through the alcohol
And the tears begin to fall
She remembers how every move he made
Slowly broke her innocence away.
But to them she's not the victim; his words go to them first.
She downs the last of her sweet elixir and walks slowly towards the door.
And no one is there to stop her as she presses the pedal to the floor.
They say she didn't swerve,
But went full speed around the curve,
And now he hears the whispers as he walks down the hall,
And evades the narrow hallway
Where the tears of her old friends fall.

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