March 12, 2009
By Khyati Maloo BRONZE, Bhilwara, Other
Khyati Maloo BRONZE, Bhilwara, Other
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We tend to cling to every object in our life
We hold on to our profession, possession, & relationships as if without them we will thrive
We are so busy clinging, that we have forgotten to move with the flow
We are afraid to move ahead, afraid to let go.

Life in essence is unobstructed flow of river
And our tendency to cling is the only reason to quivering
Possessions are lost; all because we refuse to move with the flow
We are afraid to let go

We cling because change scares us
Because we are afraid to face the unknown fuss
Because we refuse to comprehend
We believe everything is in our hand

We no longer have faith on the omnipresent
In the chaos of existence we have lost crescent
We lead our life like a lost child
Who, is separated from its hide

Whenever we are overwhelmed by a sense of despair
Whenever life is just not fair
T is the time we need to move with the flow
We need to learn to let go

Several relationships break in a stroke
Because you didn't provide them with space to grow
It was the time when you should have learnt to let go
The time to see what they want to show

Once decisions are made let life show its course
It may not be what you wanted but do not put force
Just have faith on the source
And soon we will realize that it was lives best course

Always learn to move with the flow
And learn to let go
But do believe in karma
That is what live dharma

Remember always God loves your
And we should not blame for our
He gave us dreams
And share its realms

Just be your self and play your part
Then begin with a new start
After you do your best
Let God take care of the rest.

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