Some Way

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It's been around 7 months
Since I first looked
Into his beautiful green irises
Even I can't believe it
It's been around 6 months
Since he said he was taken
Is it still that way?
It's been around 5 months
Since I decided he was the one
Yes, it is still that way
It's been around 1 month
Since we started talking again
I was heartbroken in the period of
Time we weren't as close
I'm not the type of girl
Who gets the smallest crushes
That evenually come to an end
I'm not the type of girl
Who is okay
With getting her heart broken
I'm not the type of girl
Who can handle being away from that
One boy for more than 3 days
Everyday I face the thought
That he might only think of me
As the girl he sits by
In a single class
I just wish there was some way
Some way to tell him
It is rare to find me dreaming
Without him
Some way to tell him
I want to stare at him
All day long
Some way to tell him
I'd die
In a world without him

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