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A careless world

November 28, 2016
By gothicangel SILVER, Salem, West Virginia
gothicangel SILVER, Salem, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
The nail that sticks up is the nail that gets hammered down

Why does this world "bleed"
Why does this world stink of purtride blood
Why is it everytime we grow The world makes us bleed and cry why is this
The world we live in
As the hand of fate curropts my life
I become cynical of others
Of this boisterous world
As I grow more spitefull I want to
Eradicate this world of all of its filth
As black blood consumes my soul
I am reborn into a new careless soul

The author's comments:

My english teacher was talking about how certain words make your writeing
Pop and sound amazeing so i wrote this piece for her and she said that it was amazeing and that i should post it on here

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