March 11, 2009
By batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
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Stolen beat, stolen heart, stolen mind, stolen time
I have lost everything to the one that has committed this crime
The beat of my heart was there, and then it started to fade
She is slowly breaking me down, making me her own slave

Why is she doing this?, is she the same girl I kissed?
Is she the one I love?, is she my beautiful miss?
I thought I knew her, but she is not the same
Once she got close she made my heart burn in flames

And this all happen because she made this terrible change
Or maybe it is me and my thoughts are to blame
She has stolen all the memmories of all the good in the past
Or maybe they were never good and blindness was what I had

For a short period of time, she was the greatest
For all the time I was with her, she was so famous
She is so perfect, that is what I wanted to believe
But she was far from it, and so it seems

That a stolen mentality is all I achieved
Out of what we had, and nothing is what I can retrieve
So this ending is sad, and she left without me knowing
She has took everything from me, I am stolen

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