Liquids, Powders, and Pills

March 11, 2009
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You are unbreakable but rather irrational, right now.
I am fighting you with reason, but I fear it is not going well.
As your emotions escape you. I wish I could help you, some how.
My words appear to void and your eyes; you just look frail.

Creeping closer, approaching the edge of the world

As you swallow another pill, I pray you put the bottle down

Standing on this rooftop, simply turn around

The lights from the city stir as you appraise this ghost town

You make it sound so easy to be alive.

Oh my friend its not, but that is no reason to die!
But the way life is going right now, I'm not so sure I can survive. 

It takes everything I have. But I'm not obliged to say goodbye.

Settle my dear, now. Before the lingering sensation of flight,
Takes over and spreads your wings. No take my hand, take my hand.

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