cavalier desires

March 11, 2009
By Jessica MacCall BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Jessica MacCall BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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In clandestine depths of starless nights I search for escape
But only in your embrace do I abandon my dismay
Your voice settles my engulfing hunger
And your eyes stop me in my tracks

We hold our glances uneasy

Your motions linger as they brush up and down my palm

And our fingers intertwine

If the world was our to hold
This could last forever
Free from time and space
It would be the greatest romance

Our eye lids dangle and start to close

The craters of your lips appear ambrosial

The taste sweeter than the cherries they reflect

The world is not ours to have
Let us not fritter away what remains of the night
The cool air quivers up and circles our bodies
A celestial tie greater than time

Eyes roll back

Your breath is warm

As you whisper sweet sentiments into my ears

Embrace this feeling
Because somethings this good is bound not to last

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